Booking via email or telephone is considered a legally binding contract, a deposit is payable within seven days of the booking and the balance payable on the day of the trip, if for any reason the customer cancels the trip the full booking fee including deposit is payable unless we can obtain a new booking for that date.

if we cancel the trip because of bad weather/ sickness/ breakdown or any other problems with the boat we will return the deposit or arrange another trip at a convenient time.

As with many sports the weather plays a big part and customers are advised to call after 6pm the day before the trip to confirm that the shipping forecast is favourable, if in the consideration of the skipper he deems the weather or for any other reason the trip should not go ahead, his word is final, the trip will be cancelled and an alternative date arranged, if the weather deteriorates and the skipper thinks it is safer to return to port a discount will be offered based on the time afloat, if the customer takes the decision to return to port then no discount will be given and the full fee is payable.