Channel Crossing Association

Welcome to all sportsmen and women who want to get across the English Channel safely and sensibly!

The Channel Crossing Association is not a duplicate of the CSA, but exists to facilitate a range of activities which fall outside that organisation''s remit.

Whether you are a serious marathon swimmer, an accomplished athlete, a sporting individual or group raising money for a favourite charity... you need to make your attempt safely, prudently and with due regard to the safety and convenience of other channel users.

You need to be aware that there are about six hundred vessels per day traveling through the Dover straits. Not surprisingly, there are some pretty strict regulations about what you can and can''t do out there. It should go without saying that you wouldn''t dream of trying to get across the shipping lanes without the guidance and support of a professional Safety Escort.

Little Britain star David Walliams succeeded in his bid to swim the English Channel for charity.

The Little Britain comedian, who entered the water at Shakespeare Beach in Dover, Kent, at 0530 BST on Tuesday, reached France at about 1600 BST. He had expected the crossing to take 14 hours, but made it in 10 hours and 30 minutes. Walliams undertook the swim as part of Sport Relief, for which he hopes to raise about £500,000. "I''ll just be in a pair of Speedos and goggles," said David Walliams just before his attempt to swim the English Channel.

Walliams spent 11 months training with former Olympic pentathlete Greg Whyte. During the crossing, he had to swim through shoals of jellyfish, and cope with water temperatures as low as 15C.

Andrew King, skipper of one of the escort boats and owner of the Channel Crossing Association, said “Mr Walliams was a very fit man and surprised everyone with the speed of the crossing, he must have trained very hard, and I can only congratulate him on a job well done. There are more than 600 ship movements and 80 to 100 ferry crossings between Dover and Calais every day - and it''s the job of the escort boat to keep the swimmer out of the path of these vessels. This is why we exist. The Channel Crossing Association will endeavour to help anyone who would like to try and cross the channel safely by any method”

Testimonials from satisfied swimmers:

“ Hello Andy,

I have finally got home after my swim, after some vacation time around Europe. Here in the Dominican Republic everyone is very happy with the achievement, my team and myself are also very happy, i felt very comfortable swimming next to sea king, I have swam in many events around the world and can say that Andy did an incredible job with the boat, always aware and in contact with me and his crew was very professional.

Marcos Diaz
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic ”


To book a crossing contact us on Tel: 01797 329479 or 07966 521192 ask to speak to Andy King.

A New Dawn is Rising, swam the English channel on the 07/04/2017 and completed it in 11hours and 26minuties, they now hold the record for the earliest relay swim on Louise Jane Charters for the CCA. (Click picture for swim video)